Meeting 26 Apr 26 2011 Dick, Ardyce, Rita, Phil, Linda, BobC, ChuckBall

”My Dearest Friends: Whenever we are in touch with each other, or have reunions, I never cease to be amazed that after all these years since we have gone our separate ways we still relate as though no time has passed; and we just pick up from where we left off. I really feel that we have a very special and unique connection to each other due to the small, isolated and remote community we lived in; and the family closeness that resulted from that remote isolation. I am grateful for that opportunity and the memories I have of those wonderful times and our lifetime friendships.”

(This excerpt from Linda Miller’s personal notes in the 50th year reunion booklet speaks for all of us.)

Now that our intrepid reunion committee has pulled off the social event of 2011, the Burroughs High School 1961 50th year reunion, what could we possibly do to top that? This website is to keep in touch and up to date with all our fellow classmates and families.